Mixed media sculpture - Allison Luedtke & JIT Companies

Allison Luedtke creates breathtaking works of art and is based out of Medina, Minnesota. She creates stunning glass, metal, and mixed media sculptures. Today we share Allison’s latest artistic project which was a private commission for her client’s home in Florida.

Meet Allison Luedtke, the Artist

On Allison’s website, she writes, “As an artist, I am empowered to redefine things in my own terms: to create works of art symbolizing anything, anyone, or any emotion I want to capture, express and share. My goal is to take reality down the path of abstraction and recreate it through a combination of mixed media: bronze, glass, or stone. I also like to incorporate found or natural objects, creating new life from discarded throwaways, which enrich a work with a sense of history, making a connection to the past. I am fascinated with materials, how they work, how they can be manipulated and transformed by carving, welding, grinding, weaving, melting and fusing.”

JIT Companies has known Allison for 10+ years and has worked with her over on various designs and installations of hers. Ron Beltz, CEO of JIT pointed out, “We’ve discovered that artists are a unique group and working with them can be a challenge at times. Allison is no exception as she is always pushing her designs (which at times leave us shaking our heads and rolling our eyes) but it challenges us to do the same with our fabrication techniques.”

Art that Tells a Story

Mixed media sculpture - Allison Luedtke & JIT Companies

Allison described her recent project and that the client wanted her to tell a story about the environmental testing company that he founded 40 years ago,  “Chemistry is main stay of their business as they have many labs that test for poisons and toxic chemicals that occur in our environment. Their company has grown over the years to include testing in the pharmaceutical markets also.  They have been doing a lot of the testing and research for COVID-19 as of late.”

Inspired by Elements from Earth & Compounds

Allison went to work pulling together elements for the project, “From their annual report, I took a picture of what a clean and healthy environment looks like (blue sky, white clouds, green grass).  Then, I started to think about all of the different molecular compounds that they work with as they test and came up with a design that was inspired by what a collection of chemical compounds looked like thru my eyes.”

3-D Art with Five Layers

Mixed media sculpture - Allison Luedtke & JIT Companies

Allison wanted the piece to be 3D so she designed it to have five layers.  She described the materials and processes, “The hanging metal circles were waterjet cut. I used a variety of organic handmade papers, fabric and hand selected images from the clients company photos and embedded them into the glass using the glass lamination process at JIT Companies.  With help of JIT’s CAD designer, outstanding customer service, sincere and vested interest in my project , and attention to every detail, this project was a huge success.”

“With help of JIT’s CAD designer, outstanding customer service, sincere and vested interest in my project , and attention to every detail, this project was a huge success.”
– Allison Luedtke, Artist

(The pictures to the right show the art’s progression as Allison would add layers.)

Partnering with JIT Companies

Allison collaborates with JIT on a lot of her commissions in both public and private spaces. She pointed out, “JIT Is a very important part of my team.  They are critical in helping me solve problems that I may run into.  They also have a lot of design expertise and end up helping me with some of the design process.  They are also very willing to experiment with new processes and materials to keep my art relevant and cutting edge so that I can win more bids.”

Mixed media sculpture - Allison Luedtke & JIT Companies

We love working with Allison because she is so innovative and challenges us to experiment with her.  Ron described it best, “Allison is never one to walk away from a failed process. Together, we both see failures as an opportunity to learn and if we can overcome the issues and setbacks, when things do work out, her projects are always exceptional works of art. JIT has a lot to offer artists especially with the in-house capabilities with glass laminating, waterjet cutting and metal finishing. We consider it a privilege to work with innovative artists and designers; to be part of a team that help bring their visions to fruition. Our below tagline says it all for any artist that needs assistance with their projects.”

“At JIT, we blend your designs with our experience, innovation and technology to create custom solutions.”

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