fabrication of custom awards at JIT CompaniesThere are many seasons we all look forward to… Whether it be fall hunting, the holidays, or the warm summer; Whatever season you might be looking forward to, here at JIT Companies we are celebrating the Awards Season. This is when our clients get geared up to produce the eye-catching custom awards for motor car racing, corporate recognition, or custom “One of a Kind” awards and are in need of those special elements that make up the creative awards they produce.

Fabrication of Custom Awards

creative awards and trophies at JIT CompaniesDesigners can come up with spectacular awards but sometimes the fabrication is an afterthought for some. This is when they reach out to JIT Companies for a creative solution to their problem. The types of material are never an issue for processing. Awards and creative trophies can be fabricated with Glass, Stone, Acrylics, and Metals of any type never slow us down. Precision waterjet cutting can produce finished parts for the awards with no additional processing required saving time and money along the way. When secondary services such as metal polishing are required, once again it’s  JIT to the rescue. Straight-line polished surface finishing is our specialty, so bring it on. Featured are some awards produced by our friends at Apogee Commemoratives, Inc. in Minneapolis.

JIT Companies Creative custom awardsEasy & Creative Awards with JIT

  1. Precision Waterjet Cutting to produce finished parts
  2. Metal Polishing for the perfect finish (Straight-line polished surface finish is our specialty!)
  3. Your custom, one-of-a-kind awards are delivered to you, and ready for your client!

Materials for Custom Award Fabrication

  • Glass
  • Stone
  • Acrylic
  • Metals of any type

JIT is Your Source for Custom Awards & Creative Trophies

If you need help in the production of awards for your special clients, reach out to JIT Companies, Inc. for a helping hand. You’ll be glad you did! Contact us at 507-326-5240 or contact us online.  If you have a project you are ready for help on, you can submit an RFQ here on our website too.

Apogee Commemoratives, Inc. - Creative Awards for motor cross racing, corporate recognition - JIT Companies