The Making of a Giant MLB Trophy (Archetype & JIT Team Up)

A highlight of this year was collaborating together with a long-time customer and vendor, Archetype, to create a super-sized MLB trophy outside of Ballpark Village St. Louis. Archetype, based in Minneapolis, is a custom sign-fabrication partner to JIT Companies. Angie Carpenter, Chief Operations Manager at JIT Companies, noted that JIT  has worked  on various projects… Read more »

Color Changing Glass and the Waterjet Process

Interactive Glass Gets Your Attention Every once in awhile we are asked to produce something that falls into the category of “unusual” and this would be one of those occasions. There are glass manufacturers that produce various tints of colored glass that are incorporated into large fabricated windows for office buildings, motor vehicles, or even… Read more »

Waterjet Cutting Carpet the JIT Way

It’s a given, kids can wear things out at an astounding rate and carpeting is no exception. I know this from personal experience as we are on our third replacement at home with a little help from two kids and a dog. We might even have our carpet guy on speed dial at this point! Our… Read more »