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JIT is the Clear Solution in Custom Sized Glass Lenses

Need new glass lenses? Your eye doctor is not the only place you can go to get your lenses replaced, especially when it’s not related to your eyeglasses. At JIT Companies, we specialize in making custom sized glass lenses for optical equipment, instrumentation gauges, viewing ports, light fixtures and a variety of other applications found… Read more »

Artist Teams up with JIT to Create a Stunning 3D Mixed Media Sculpture

Allison Luedtke creates breathtaking works of art and is based out of Medina, Minnesota. She creates stunning glass, metal, and mixed media sculptures. Today we share Allison’s latest artistic project which was a private commission for her client’s home in Florida. Meet Allison Luedtke, the Artist On Allison’s website, she writes, “As an artist, I… Read more »

Museum-Quality Glass for Display Cases & More

Are you looking for the perfect glass for a framing or display project? UltraVue® Laminated Glass is a museum-quality glass, engineered to a tighter specification for discerning clients who demand the very best viewing experience possible.  JIT Companies has used UltraVue® glass with many one-of-a-kind projects from personal display cases to internationally acclaimed museums and… Read more »

Color Changing Glass and the Waterjet Process

Interactive Glass Gets Your Attention Every once in awhile we are asked to produce something that falls into the category of “unusual” and this would be one of those occasions. There are glass manufacturers that produce various tints of colored glass that are incorporated into large fabricated windows for office buildings, motor vehicles, or even… Read more »