Metal Inlays - Waterjet Cutting Services at JIT CompaniesAt JIT Companies, we assist a vast array of clients with their projects, as you can see in our project gallery. Many are artists that have a vision for what they are wanting to achieve but lack the ability to complete it because of inadequate resources in their toolbox, such as our client project below, involving waterjet cutting of metal inlays.  Most of our clients do not own expensive CNC processing equipment in order to bring a project to completion. From precision waterjet cutters, custom decorative laminated glass and metal polishing of various alloys, JIT brings together a full arsenal of resources and knowledge that sculptural artists can tap into to help bring their projects to fruition. JIT Companies aims to be an “Artist’s Best Friend” by helping them to achieve their creative vision, on-time and on-budget.

Our Friend & Client: Creative Steel WorkMetal Inlays - Waterjet Cutting Services at JIT Companies

Today I would like to introduce you to our friend and client, Jeff Kreitz of Creative Steel Work.  Jeff is a metal artist whose fabrication studio is located near Pequot Lakes, Minnesota. There with his staff, he designs and blends his artistic touch to create beautiful 3-dimensional metal sculptures, fireplace doors, entrance gates, and furniture that grace some of the most beautiful homes found in northern Minnesota. Jeff is usually a hands-on kind of guy using his skills and equipment in his shop to complete most projects without the need for outsourcing. I often ask him why he does things the hard way, Metal Inlays - Waterjet Cutting Services at JIT Companies - Creative Steel Works(my opinion of course) but when I see a finished project, I always end up answering my own question. Mass production is not in his vocabulary and the hand-crafted end result is simply stunning to look at.

“Mass production is not in his vocabulary and the hand crafted end result is simply stunning to look at.”

Metal Inlays of Various Metals for Outdoor Tables

Every once in a while he does throw us a bone to feast on and it’s always exciting to see the finished product. Today we had the opportunity to provide our precision waterjet cutting services creating metal inlays of various metals to create one-of-a-kind outdoor tables for a client. I need to mention that Jeff’s welding skills on this project is on a whole different level, joining stainless steel copper and brass to provide seamless joints….and yes, he tells me to mind my own business when I ask how he does it….Everybody has secrets I guess. Throw in some special surface grinding techniques and various patina finishes and this is what you end up with.

Metal Inlays - Waterjet Cutting Services at JIT Companies - Creative Steel Works

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