Mixing Metal, Stone & Memories – Funerary Art with Timeless Columbaria

aluminum structural components - Timeless Columbaria - JIT Companies - funerary artJIT Companies is often provided opportunities to partner with our clients on custom projects and this one is no exception. Our friends from Timeless Columbaria, located in Pella Iowa, are designers of exquisite free-standing memorial columbaria styles. Columbaria are structures that are considered funerary art, that contain storage of funerary urns, holding cremated remains of the deceased. Timeless Columbaria has projects installed in churches, cemeteries, and even educational institutions.

JIT Helped Timeless Columbaria Create Meaningful Funerary Art

For this project, JIT Companies was asked to provide our precision waterjet cutting services to cut the aluminum structural components for this assembly. These would support the heavy granite stone segments that would make up the individual cremation niches in the final assembly. The aluminum components also included dimensional cutouts and written text that was incorporated into the design elements. After waterjet cutting, our metal finishing department applied a straight-line grain finish to the metal surfaces to ensure a beautiful consistent anodized part when completed. While JIT does not provide anodizing services, we do have project partners that are part of our talented “Bench Team” so we can offer a one-stop-shop for many of our clients. Not only does this save time in transportation costs and logistics, but it also gives you a single point of contact when questions arise. Knowing that a single company can provide and ensure quality services can be a real stress reliever for those living on short lead times.

Columbaria Structures  at St. Joseph Abby &  Seminary College

aluminum structural components - Timeless Columbaria - JIT CompaniesThis particular columbaria project is located at St. Joseph Abby and Seminary College in Saint Benedict, LA. As part of this cemetery landscaping project, several of these eye-catching structures were incorporated into a stone walkway that winds through a peaceful, wooded garden. Since everything needed to be assembled on-site, it was important that all of the components come together precisely to eliminate any surprises for the installation crew. It’s always our pleasure to be part of a team of talented individuals that can make projects like this look easy. And for those making this their final resting place, it will be sure to invoke fond memories in a peaceful setting for those that visit lost loved ones.

Elements of the Saint Joseph Abbey Columbariums

  • Precision waterjet cutting services to aluminum structural components
  • Heavy granite stone segments make up individual cremation niches
  • Dimensional cutouts are in aluminum components
  • Written text is incorporated into the design elements
  • A straight-line grain finish is applied to the metal surfaces to ensure anodized part
  • Learn more about the Saint Joseph Abbey Columbariums

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